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The benefits of PR for a school or trust on results day

The benefits of PR for a school or trust on results day

With A-level, T Level, BTEC and GCSE results days fast approaching, it may be a more appropriate time than any to consider PR and marketing for your school or trust. The joy and success that a school experiences on results days, when shared within the media, can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are some of the key benefits of implementing strategic PR on a results day: 

  1. To congratulate students

Students work exceptionally hard throughout their school years and even more so during exam season. This can be a very stressful time for many as they have to complete a plethora of exams within a short period of time, and the weight of their results are constantly on their minds. Yet, they still put all of their efforts in and produce amazing results. 

In addition to this, the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past couple of years have affected the way that students have had to prepare for their GCSEs, BTECs, T Levels and A-levels. Repercussions such as participating in classes online and from home meant that preparation was even more difficult. It is a rewarding and memorable gesture to congratulate students in the press on their day of celebration – sharing the pride felt by the school for every one of its students. 

  1. To profile individual student success

Congratulating students can be taken further with the opportunity to highlight the success of individual students. Perhaps a student has achieved top grades, has an interesting account to tell regarding their exams/results, is moving on to something particularly exciting, or has triumphed over adversity – these are engaging stories that would be nice anecdotes to share.  

 Students have the chance to have their own voices heard and their special accomplishments recognised on a wider scale. 

  1. To promote the achievements of the school or trust

Results days provide the perfect opportunity to highlight the academic achievements of a school and a trust, and showcase how successful the school or trust have been in delivering excellent educational outcomes for all its students. The results and statistics that a school attains can be proudly used to illustrate the educational progress and personal development of its students.  

 At a time when there is a lot of focus on education, issuing a press release about exam results to highlight the progress and accomplishments of students can present a valuable and timely opportunity for schools to promote themselves to prospective students and their parents, as well providing a helpful reminder to its existing community of parents and families that they made the right choice when choosing the school for their children.  

  1. To promote the school itself

Whilst details such as grades are a useful way of promoting a school, results days allow for much more than a focus solely on grades. Sharing the school’s overall results, as well as individual stories and publicly congratulating students, helps to profile the academic excellence, outstanding teaching, inclusivity, high levels of pastoral care and support, as well as the unremitting focus on student development and progress within a school.  

  1. To save time and acquire better promotional opportunities

We understand that results days are a time when the school community comes together to celebrate students’ achievements. We recognise that senior leaders and teachers want to be with their students and families to celebrate and offer support for the next chapter of their lives. In turn, this makes it difficult for schools to find the time or resource to liaise with the media.  

However, this shouldn’t be left until the end of the day, the day after, and certainly not the week after – it needs to be done in the moment when media interest is high. 

Having a strategic PR plan in place is beneficial when building and maintaining the reputation of school or trust. Working with a communications agency on results day(s) means there is one less thing to worry about as it is in the hands of PR professionals who know what they’re doing. 

 As an experienced PR team with over 15 years expertise in the education sector, we understand the madness of results days and the need to act quickly. By partnering with an agency like ourselves, time can be saved, and better promotional opportunities can be acquired through TV and radio, as well as print and online media outlets via our carefully curated database of contacts. 

 We are dedicated to helping schools and trusts maintain a great public image through the showcasing of their best qualities in a creative, strategic and cost-effective way. To find out more about the services that we offer, visit our website at: https://cpmmmedia.com/.